I have struggled with alcohol and nicotine addiction – Popular Gospel singer talks about his addiction & ministry


Sensational singer Perez Musik, originally known as Frank Tagoe, has revealed that he battled with alcohol and nicotine addiction for years until his decision to give his life to Christ.

According to the Blema Tesaa hitmaker, growing up, he did not have people advising him, hence, the numerous mistakes he made in life.

“I’m a typical Abossey Okai boy. I grew up in an area where you can easily drift – I mean everything you need to do to be a bad boy is around you and it was not like my mum was always home. There was freedom especially during vacations. You wake up in the morning, eat breakfast and go wherever you want to go. Nobody cares.

“You can come back later to eat your lunch and continue with the roaming. The only thing was to make sure that you got home by 7pm. I had the opportunity to do everything negative that a child could do but there was always this thing that kept a hold on me,” he told George Quaye on JoyFM’s Showbiz A-Z.

He said as a result, he picked up certain bad habits like smoking and alcoholism.

“I have struggled with addiction to alcohol, nicotine, and smoking for so many years and it has been a battle,” he said.

“I have been through a couple of stuff growing up as a young man. I have made a lot of wrong decisions. I always say that some of us were not fortunate. We did not have strict uncles and aunties who had lived life to an extent that they could actually guide us on what to do and what not to do. So we had to make mistakes and correct them by ourselves, keep the good things we learn and unlearn the bad things we learnt,” he said.

He noted that in spite of his wayward lifestyle back then, he always felt a force pushing him away from these habits.

The Hewale lala hitmaker, however, revealed that the best thing that ever happened to him was his decision to give his life to Christ.

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