Dr. Mmal Ofori talks about the power of God in his latest music video


Ghanaian gospel singer and songwriter Dr. Mmal has finally released the official video of his song titled "Tumi".

The 5minutes and 31seconds song  talks about the power of God and what it call do is available on all online streaming platforms including Youtube. 

The song inspired by his day-to-day relationship with God and how God restored him after losing everything within a week, the singer who is also a social scientist believes there is no power like God  power.

In talking about the inspiration behind the song christonsem.com , Dr. Mmal Ofori said;

"I get inspired by my relationship with God on a day-to-day basis. Also, I get inspired  by my relationship with humanity, by God, using me to solve the problems in the missions fields as a missionary that helps unbelievers to come to know God and how God delivered me and  help me out of my daily situations."

The theologian went on to say,

"In a matter of one week , I lost everything that took me almost 25years to build and God gave me this song as an inspiration to restore my life and regain everything that I have lost"




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