CARRY ME, My Favorite Song On Nathaniel Bassey's "THE KING IS COMING" Album

Nigeria's Nathaniel Bassey over the past decade is impacted a lot of lives across the world with his music.

With his iconic trumpet the gospel minister who according to many people who have encountered him personally describe as humble has produced some of the biggest, well composed and best gospel songs to come out of the African continent. With songs like 'Imela', You Are God, 'Onise Iyanu', Champion,Book of life, 'Alagbada ina' and many others coming in mind whenever the name Nathaniel Bassey is mentioned shows how well he is doing to promoting the things of God through music.

Seen as the musician to listen to when your spirit is down, Pastor Nathaniel Bassey's music aside worshipping and praising God also inspires, motivates and creates the atmosphere for a conversation with God. 

With his last album being a clear example of how Nathaniel Bassey's music is, 'The King Is Coming' album is a 13 tracks album which focuses on a lot of topical issues most Christians seeking the kingdom of Heaven will be concerned about.

With songs like Emmanuel, There Is Place, He has Prevailed, All Power, and others including a recitation on Psalm 91 given a clear indication that the "King Is Coming" album is about the second coming of Jesus Christ, one song which seem to be the favorite of many people who have listened to the album including myself is a six minutes, twenty-three seconds song titled  CARRY ME.

The song which features Bemigho Omayuku and Pat Akem-Vingir talks about the essence of the Holy Spirit of God and believing it can grant the request of comfort him, I think as a  Christian who believes in the activities of the Holy Spirit, I can  relate with the song that says "Holy Spirit carry me, on wings of eagle to the place of prayer, carry me to the place of power", more especially the addition of  tongues (heavenly language) as ad libs in most part of the song, I am always inspired to communicate with God.

At a period of time where, content based gospel music seem to be going down the drain, Carry Me by Nathaniel Bassey is liked by many people because probably they have longed for songs that places importance on the Holy Spirit and they think Carry Me is the song they have been longing for.

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