'Broken Pencils Still Write'. Check out Cofi Boham's Letter To The Broken


 Multi-talented Ghanaian musician Cofi Boham has released another powerful song you should check out.

Titled 'LETTER TO THE BROKEN' , the seven minutes , thirty-seven second inspirational song off  his yet to be released 'a sling and a stone.

Cofi Boham a music pastor at the Holy Hill Assemblies Of God in the past, has released songs like Psalm 23,Flow and I'm going and covers of some popular song.


Check out the lyric for his new song which talks about broken pencils still writes and don't forget to follow christonsem.com for your daily Bible and motivational messages.

          Verse 1

Don’t get discouraged 

I see you fighting all the demons in your life that have wrecked heavy carnage 

Don’t be dismayed

I know you think that your dreams and everything that you hoped for has seemed to delay 

Looks like your problems don’t seem to go nowhere 

Just take deep breath 

 People talk about you, it’s got you feeling down and really really stressed

 Don’t tell me “you no know what I’ve been going through” 

You saf no know say 

 I Dey go through the same thing you Dey go through too 

 Who told you the lie, “when you fall it’s the end of your life?”

 I heard a whisper from above

 I pray it opens up your eyes…


 Broken Pencils still write 

Keep on writing 

Fallen soldiers still rise 

Keep on fighting 

One day you’ll Lift up you eyes to the skies

 And your light’ll be shining

 One day You’ll win

 One day You’ll win

 Verse 2

 News around is “life is not fair Greed is all we see”

 You gave your heart to the wrong folk, they broke it and now you put it “on fleek”

 Fake life on Instagram and Snapchat’s got you feeling ungrateful

 My sister, 

 If you could see the real them 

 you’ll see you’re being a great great fool 

 You wrote a paper and failed Sit down and write again

 One day you go kill am

 He broke your heart and you cried 

Give love another try 

True love Na in go heal am 

 I’m not trying to look down on your problems No no no no no no 

 I know say you no know you go sabi solve them yea yea yea 

Allow me to introduce you to Someone I know (Jesus)

 He’s a specialist in handling cases and issues wey “don blow blow blow” (beyond repairs) 

 If you fell, just rise

 Wipe the tears from your eyes


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