Samson is my favorite BIBLE character - Akesse Brempong


The Holy Bible from Genesis to Revelation tells a lot of stories and has a lot of characters who played different roles in fulfilling the word of God.

With some of these characters being very popular to the modern day Christian and believer, others have remained in the Holy book for researchers and readers to find.

Some notable Bible characters are Jesus Christ of Nazareth who according to the holy book is the son of God who came from heaven to save mankind, others are David, a man after God's heart, Paul,Peter,Solomon,John etc...

Serving as a source of inspiration,the stories of how some of these character kept their faith in God even in critical times have made them to be loved and adored by christians and believers. An example is Sampson who has been described by Ghanaian reggae and worship leader Akesse Brempong as his favorite Bible character.

 Explaining why Samson is his favorite character in a discussion with Joy Tv's KMJ, the 'God Is Working' singer said he chose Samson as his favorite Bible character because he was daring .Using the judge's decision to Delilah as an example , the Ghanaian gospel singer who mostly preacher the word of God through reggae and worship music said Samson did intriguing things that were against the rules of that time but were the things God used in liberating the people of Israel from captivity.

Samson, recorded as the last of the 'Judges' of the ancient Israel, he was considered as the strongest man on earth who lost his strength because his lover (Delilah) betrayed him by Philistine official to cut his hair while he was sleeping as stated in Judges 13 to16. 


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