#Coronavirus: Churches In Ghana To Go On Break For The First Time Ever?

With Ghana recording cases of the Coronavirus or Covid 19 pandemic, church activities in the west African country is likely to go on break for the first ever as pressure on the government to ban all public gathering increases.

With just three cases confirmed so far in Ghana, opinion leaders are calling on the government to place ban on all public gathering in order to prevent the spread the deadly virus that have affected a lot of people and taken many lives.

If the government places the ban on all public gathering just like how it has banned the travels of government workers, churches in Ghana for the first time ever in the country's history dating back to the days of the first generation of Ghanaian Christians will not be able to meet and enjoy in any form of service including the Sunday service that is dear to the hearts of many Christians across the country.

With about 75% of it's population being Christians and majority of them being Pentecostals and Charismatics, do not play with their regular church meetings essentially Sunday services as they put on some of their best clothes and attire to attend services that sometimes last for more than 3 hours.

As the government tries to use an estimated budget of 100 million dollars(cedi equivalent) to help prevent the deadly virus from bringing Ghana on it's knees, church leaders are also encouraged to help government by educating their members on how to stay away from the Coronavirus or Covid 19. 
Source- www.Christonsem.com

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