3 Things Churches In Ghana Can Do To Help The #FightAgainstCoronavirus.

As Christians across the world including Ghana pray for God's intervention this period of the covid-19 pandemic, Churches and church leaders have been thinking and contemplating on what to do to help the situation.

With church leaders and Christians doing doing their best with what they have to help government solve and  reduce and  the rate at which the virus is spreading across the world , here are three(3) things churches in Ghana can do to help bring the pandemic to an end;

1. Education:As the virus continues to spread,across the Ghana and the world, church leaders and churches can take it upon themselves to educate their members on what the Coronavirus (Covid19) is about and the dos and don'ts in order for the rapid spread of the virus reduce.

2. Provision of PPEs: Providing personal protective equipments (PPEs) like hand sanitizers, face masks, gloves, et al to members and some extent non-members will not only help members with their safety but will go on the reduce pressure on the government's purse. And by doing some of these things, the government and members will not see PPEs as another form of hurdle to cross as the fight against the Coronavirus seem to be one that can be won easily. 

3. Support government: As the cases of Coronavirus increases, lockdowns are also stirring at people in the faces and the homeless individuals in the society are the ones going to suffer since the have no where to call their home and to support the government in it's quest to carry out initiatives that will bring to end the spread of the Coronavirus, churches can offer shelter and food to the less privileged individuals who have no where to go when there is a lockdown. Churches can also donate any form of needed items or materials to the government to make fighting of the virus a stress free one.

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