We Are Being Too Dogmatic - Joyce Blessing Writes About Women Wearing Trousers

The conversation of women wearing trousers over the past years has been one that can not end very soon. 

With some describing women wearing trousers as a sin and an act that goes against the things of God, others who have defended the act have also raised the issue of comfortability and one of such people who see no sin in women wearing trousers is award winning Ghanaian gospel singer Joyce Blessing. 

Describing people who think women wearing trousers is a sin as judgemental Christians, the "I Swerve You" hitmaker said in as much as she and others will love to wear "kaba" and "slit"(a top and skirt dress made from African prints) for performance, they won't be to perform comfortably hence their decision to wear trousers. 
Asking permission from the people she calls dogmatics  in a Facebook post, Joyce Blessing said they should permit them to wear trousers especially women who sing in churches. 

She wrote...
# We are being too Dogmatic- Joyce Blessing
Gospel Artiste Joyce Blessing Sends Message To Judgemental Christians!
This is how uncomfortable some Ghanaians want female Gospel musicians to look on stage while performing because we criticize that wearing trousers is a sin. I decided to wear "kaba and slit" for performance and I can't even make a simple move . As an African, I love to wear this African print on a normal occasion but not for performance. Permit some of us pls
We are being too dogmatic! Let's Free our minds sometimes and face the reality
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