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Music, Spirit or Both. The Experience At Ministers Conference18

The annual Ministers Conference hosted by the Victorious True Voices Inc happened at the Spirit And Life Church near the Abeka post office on the 26th day of May, 2018.

As planned and organised by Impart Media and support from Oline Christian Gospel, the forty  seater auditorium as the end of the conference drew closer to the end had all the seats filled. 

With most of ministers billed to minister on the day ready by 10am, the second ed ition of the Minister Conference hosted by Victorious True Voices Inc and also co-hosted by Youth Outreach Ministry kick started with an opening prayer and intercession prayers led by Youth Outreach Ministry's David Odoi. The young and prayerful man of God led ministers present through a thirty minutes of prayers and warming up the spirits.

Followed by praise and worship, Victorious True Voices Inc's Vicky-Newlove with the leadership of the holy spirit ministered and touched the hearts of some ministers present at the auditorium. 

Thanking th…

Ministers Conference Is Here Again

Impart Media, the organisers of the annual minister conference which seek to enlighten the biblical knowledge of modern day Christian taking into consideration of modern trends is here again. Being it's second year running, Victorious True Voices Inc will partner the Youth Outreach Ministry to host the event which has three male ministers and a female minister on Saturday, the 26th day of May, 2018 at the Spirit And Life Church near the Abeka post office. Starting at exactly 9:30 am, ministers from every aspect of God's  kingdom will gather at the the 50 seater auditorium as Pastor  Ebenezer Kortorshie leads the conference to deliberate on the theme Music, Spirit or  Both. The prophetic man of God will be supported by  the Youth Outreach Ministry's David Odoi, Victorious True Voices Inc's Janice Brown and Cwophi Bohyeba and  Minister Eugene Praiz who graced the event last year. Since it's a free event, ministers (singers, instrumentalists, music directors, ushers, …